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Double Decker LIFT

Our Double Decker Lift food elevators are made of 304 stainless steel, comply with the hygiene and conditions of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism, and all configurations.

Double Decker LIFT

The double-deck lift, which appeared in this sector as a result of the research work carried out by AmadaTECH in 2016, has also been exported to many countries. He exhibited at the leading international exhibitions of the world and was highly appreciated by visitors. Our Amada TECH Special Configuration series service lifts can travel up to 50 meters and make 15 stops. We have different production volumes. It can withstand a load of 100 to 300 kg.

Scope of use

Hospital, Hotel, School, Student residence, Laboratory, Clinic, Cafe, Restaurant, Bar, Club, Canteen, Pharmacy, Dental clinic, Dry
Cleaning, Laundry, Factory, Pharmacy

FUNCTIONAL Double Decker Elevator

The kitchen elevator Double Decker Lift is two-story. Each floor has a guillotine and a manually operated door. The kitchen elevator cabin allows you to use two functions. In our two-story service elevator, you can carry orders to the upper car and dirty dishes to the lower car.

Our Double Decker Lift kitchen lift is made of 304 stainless steel, meets hygienic conditions and was designed and manufactured by Amada TECH Elevator, the first in Turkey.


A two-story elevator provides communication between the kitchen and the service area in at least two-story food processing buildings and speeds it up. You can easily raise or lower orders and dishes at the same time. When you take orders in the elevator, your customers won’t see the dishes thanks to our two-story kitchen elevator.

SPECIAL solution for the needs of double-deck LIFTS

The double deck elevator is custom made according to your needs. We provide an integration solution according to the parameters and dimensions of the building you need, adapting it to each of your projects. By browsing our e-catalog, we help you identify the features that suit your needs in order to select the best product and best configuration. With a manufacturer’s warranty, reasonable prices and strong references, we become a solution partner for many architecture firms and cafe-restaurant companies in the Dumbwaiter industry.

The service elevator, goods elevator, food elevator for products must comply with the hygiene conditions and regulations of the Ministry of Health. The Amada TECH engineering team and our technical support department are constantly working in this direction. Thanks to its research and development as well as the development of new technologies, it is a company followed in the elevator sector all over the world. Amada TECH is Turkey’s leading elevator company with advanced technology and the highest quality in the production of elevators and escalators. It is a modern and professional elevator manufacturer integrating design, research and development, design, production, sales, installation and maintenance as a whole.

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