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Kitchen Elevator Details

Kitchen elevator details, Amada TECH architectural support section, door models, elevator entrance directions additional functions.

Kitchen Elevator Details

Kitchen lift door models


Our manual door lifts; a well bottom of 15 cm is required. In this model of a service lift, the doors are flush with the floor. Service lifts with manual doors require a floor-level door for loading service vehicles.

Scope of use

Canteen, laundry, factory, yacht and boat, jeweler, market


Service elevator with guillotine door; no need for a well.
Guillotine doors are at bench and waist level and are mounted at a height of 80, 90cm. service lifts with guillotine doors are used by users to load light loads under load.

Scope of use

Cafe, restaurant, villa, duplex houses, library, archive, pizzeria, patisserie


The Amada TECH double deck elevator introduced to the industry as a result of research and development carried out by Amada TECH in 2016. It has also been exported to many countries.

Scope of use

Hospital, hotel, school, dormitories, laboratory, clinic

Service Elevator Details

Service Elevator Entrance Direction

Entrance from the same side

Single. Access is from the same direction from each floor.

Double entry

Entrance front to one floor and directly opposite another floor.

Cross entrance

On one floor, the entrance is in front, on the other floor, on the right or left.

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