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Kitchen Elevator Specification

Our kitchen lifts are made according to your needs. We provide an integration solution according to the dimensions of the building you need, adapting it to each of your projects.

Kitchen lift specification

Characteristics of the kitchen lift

Load capacity: 50 – 100 – 150 – 250 kg


Suspension type: straight drum or counterweight

Door size: 600 x 600mm

Cabin size: Width: 600mm – Depth: 600mm – Height: 600mm

Cabin Entry: Single Sided, Opposite Double Entry, Cross Entry

Call and send system (Butonyer group) digital screen, Braille alphabet will be.

Cabins and doors will be made of stainless steel with quality certificate 304 in accordance with hygienic conditions.

Speed 0.15 – 040 m/s, electromagnetic brake, 3-phase, 3-phase

The doors will be guillotine doors / 304 stainless steel / stop switches.

The doors will have a lock system. (optional) (mandatory in public buildings)

Cabin Door: Louvre System (Optional) (Optional) (Required in Public Buildings)

Sound system (optional) (optional) (mandatory in public buildings)

WWWF Speed Control (Optional) (Optional) (Required in Public Buildings)

The cabinet shall be of 304 quality satin stainless steel/with a baffle. If necessary, it must be removable)

Electronic card control panel, single speed / suitable for call and send system / preferably Arkel ARL100 or equivalent.

Installation and delivery are included in the price. (other prices outside the cities)

If steel structure is not available, it will be included in prices upon discovery. Steel structure.

Bude comply with hygienic conditions. (Galvanized sheet certified)

Delivery time… (The company will specify the program of work in the proposal)

Well drilling – well closure – construction works belong to the customer.

The customer is responsible for supplying electricity to the well for the installation of the elevator.

The elevator warranty is 3 years. All types of materials that may arise due to problems, errors and defects resulting from all types of materials and workmanship, except for intentional use, will be replaced free of charge, within the warranty period.

Warranty lifts will be manufactured by the company that installed them for a fee.

An elevator that is not maintained is not covered by the warranty.

Pit is not required.

Dimensions (given as an example)

Cabin size: Width 600mm Depth 600mm Height 600mm

( Well size required: Width: 950mm – Depth: 850mm ( Well size may vary depending on the contractor.)

The above dimensions 600 x 600 x 600 are an example for a kitchen lift.

Well sizes vary in different sizes.

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