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SERVICE Elevator

The service elevator is completely custom built. Standard sizes 80x80 and 90x90 are permanently available in our warehouses. We provide an integration solution according to the parameters and constraints of the building, adapting external non-standard dimensions to your project.


The steel structure required for the installation of a service lift is included in our offer. Prices for service lifts are sent by our marketing department via email.

Our service elevator products are made of 304 quality stainless steel, comply with hygienic conditions and comply with the conditions of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism and all configurations.

For the elevator in your project, our engineer team will help you determine the most suitable location by examining your project details. The drawing and design of the service elevator is prepared by us as an architectural support.

Our specially configured AmadaTECH series service elevators can travel up to 50 meters or 15 stops. Drum and counterweight system. There are single entry, double entry and cross entry options. It has a load capacity of 150 kg and 250 kg.

AmadaTECH – это компания, которая имеет больше всего складских запасов и производит сервисные лифты в мире. Таким образом, продукты всегда готовы к отправке на наших складах. Срок поставки нестандартных размеров 1 неделя. Наше время сборки максимум 2 дня.

We know that the best recommendation is a happy and satisfied client. After-sales service is one of the most important components of our business. We do not provide maintenance for elevators other than the AmadaTECH brand


Our manual door lifts; The bottom of the well must be 15 cm. In this model of the service elevator, the doors should be flush with the floor. Service elevators with manual doors require a door at floor level to load service vehicles.

Scope of use

Canteen, laundry, factory, yacht and boat, jeweler, market

Service elevator with guillotine door; no need for a well.

Guillotine doors are at bench and waist level and are mounted at a height of 80, 90cm. service lifts with guillotine doors are used by users to load light loads under load.

Scope of use

Cafe, restaurant, villa, duplex houses, library, archive, pizzeria, patisserie

The Amada TECH double deck elevator introduced to the industry as a result of research and development carried out by Amada TECH in 2016. It has also been exported to many countries.

Scope of use

Hospital, hotel, school, dormitories, laboratory, clinic


150 kg, 250 kg


Guillotine door, Manual door, Glass door, Double decker


Call sending system, digital display


With drum, counterweight, with pulley


304 stainless steel, optional intermediate cabinet shelf


Electronic card, single speed, Arkel ARL 100

SERVICE elevator entrance DIRECTION

Single. Access is from the same direction from each floor.

Entrance front to one floor and directly opposite another floor.

On one floor, the entrance is in front, on the other floor, on the right or left.

Moving heavy loads is part of the daily routine of many professionals and individuals and can be dangerous. Therefore, it is important to use service lifts that are safe, reliable and adapted to different needs. Our service lifts are the ideal solution for companies and professionals with large warehouses. It has been designed to take into account all the features and individual solutions when planning service elevators.

The kitchen lift must match the environment. Our design office is at your disposal to offer you various configurations and finishes. We offer a turnkey service for the construction of a self-supporting service lift made of steel structure, the outer surface of which is painted sheet metal in RAL color.

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