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Amada TECH Disabled Lift Systems Life is full of OBSTACLES. CALL US for a barrier-free life. LET’S OVERCOME THE hurdles TOGETHER.


Amada TECH handicapped platforms are used all over the world as simple to use, high mobility, high quality and reliable. We produce solutions that can be easily installed in any place and that work uninterruptedly by using the latest technology in line with your special demands. Our Open type Disabled platform, which provides up to 3 meters of internal or external vertical movement, can change from 600 mm to 3000 mm in public and private properties and is a suitable alternative solution for fully enclosed platform lifts. Specially designed for applications with little or no alterations to existing buildings.


Amada TECH Horizontal disabled platform is much faster and easier to install than traditional elevators. The ready concept and flexible configuration allow seamless integration with any building. Every wheelchair lift is CE marked and certified by the accredited body, meaning our lifts are suitable for both adults and children, offering a high level of safety and ease of use. These are the elevator systems where you can go up and down the stairs with your wheelchair. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. After the platform is installed, the stairs can be used completely from the moment it is closed to the side.


Amada TECH Disabled Lift Systems
Life is full of OBSTACLES. CALL US for a barrier-free life. LET’S OVERCOME THE hurdles TOGETHER.

The stairlift with flat or swivel seats has been developed for people with stair climbing problems. The AmadaTECH stairlift is the only elevator in the world that takes up the least space in the floored state and has the feature of self-protection in case of power cut.

CE CERTIFIED After Sales Support – Maintenance Package Options – Complete Product Warranty and Spare Parts Warranty Against Manufacturing, Workmanship, Assembly Defects


Produced in accordance with TS EN 81-41 standard for construction and assembly safety rules, TS ISO 9386-1 standards for rules related to safety, dimensions and functional operation and 2006/42/AT Machinery Safety Regulation, offered to the market with CE conformity mark
We offer alternatives such as elegant design, platform dimensions, panoramic glass or sandwich panels, various colors, stainless steel details, spotlights and wide framed glass door. Steel Construction, Glass or Composite exterior coating is included in our prices.
With a capacity of 315 kg, the maximum cruising distance is 15 meters.
Pit Bottom 12 cm, Operating voltage 220 or 380 V.

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