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KITCHEN Elevator

Our kitchen lifts are made of quality 304 stainless steel, comply with hygienic conditions and are produced in special sizes other than standard. AmadaTECH elevator is the largest manufacturer of food elevators in Europe.


The kitchen lift is suitable for quiet and hygienic environments in places such as cafes, hotels, villas, restaurants, medical institutions, banks, jewelry stores, factories, etc. It serves from 2 to 15 floors in your company or institution, as well as a suitable solution for your places that can only be accessed by stairs. With our kitchen lifts you will find the answers to your catering needs in cafes, restaurants, hotels and villas. High-performance freight elevators allow food, boxes, files, and medicines to be brought to the floor quickly and effortlessly in hospitals. It is functional, guaranteed and durable, the kitchen lift is made of 304 stainless steel, meets hygiene conditions, and complies with the conditions of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism and all configurations.


Kitchen elevator price changes occur due to various factors. These; dimensions, desired additional services, how many floors are needed in the building. But overall it is an affordable service and can be completed in a short time. It provides and accelerates the communication between the kitchen and the service area in some multi-storey food processing buildings. You can easily carry orders and dishes to the upper floors by using the kitchen elevator. We produce kitchen elevators in every model and capacity and offer them for sale at the most affordable prices. You can get detailed information by contacting us.


With the opportunity to learn the dimensions of the kitchen elevator free of charge, production is made according to the dimensions of the area you want to use. This provides better classification of the elevator. Elevators are used in restaurants, cafes, hotels and many similar establishments for purposes such as food service and service provision. This is pretty easy to clean. In addition to our original elevator designs and reliable industry references, you can choose from models that suit your taste and products. So you will visually capture it. As a result of monthly and annual maintenance, elevators can be used with a longer life. That’s why we perform this maintenance for you and prevent any problems from occurring.


Kitchen elevator with guillotine door; The bottom of the well is not required. Guillotine doors are at the bench and waist level and are mounted at a height of 80, 90 cm. Service elevators with guillotine doors are used for easy loading of light loads. There are satin, decorative and gold stainless steel options.

Scope of use

Cafe, Restaurant, Villa, Duplex, Library, Archive, Pizzeria, Patisserie

In the kitchen there are elevators with manual doors; A well bottom with a diameter of 15 cm is required. In this kitchen lift model, the doors are flush with the floor. Kitchen lifts with manual doors require a floor-level door for loading service vehicles.

Scope of use

Canteen, Laundry, Factory, Yacht and ship, Jewelry store, Market

The AmadaTECH double-decker bus, introduced to the industry as a result of R&D by AmadaTECH in 2016, is also exported to many countries. It was highly appreciated by the visitors of the Interlift elevator exhibition in Germany.

Scope of use

Hospital, hotel, school, student residence, laboratory, clinic


The kitchen lift is made according to your needs. We provide an integration solution according to the building parameters and size you need, adapting it to each of your projects. By browsing through our E-catalogue, we help you identify the features that suit your needs and select the best product and best configuration. With a manufacturer’s warranty, reasonable prices and strong references, we become a solution partner for many architectural firms and cafe-restaurant companies in the Kitchen lift.


The entrance is provided from one direction from each floor.

Entrance front to one floor and directly opposite another floor.

Entrance from the front on one of the floors and to the right or left on another floor.


Immediate delivery from stock.
Steel structure (complies with hygienic conditions, strength, non-welded system)
Silent drum or counterweight motor,
Arkel electronic control panel
Call sending system
Quality 304 Stainless Steel Guillotine Door
Quality 304 stainless steel cabinet
Quality 304 stainless steel cabinet shelf
rail 3 meters long
cab bumper
Project support
380 V, three-phase
Cellular packaging for orders outside the city.
Box packing for orders from abroad
Technical support in 5 languages for international orders
ISO Certified
mobile app
Drum, weighted, L-inlet,
Cabin door (option)
Speed control (optional)
Voice announcement system (option)
Installation group support (optional)


What is the delivery time for the kitchen lift?

Standard products are delivered on the same day. Delivery time for non-standard special products is 1 week.

Do you need a pit in the kitchen lift?

Pit is not required.

Do we need a license or permit for a kitchen lift?


Can we buy mounting material ourselves and have someone else install it?

Mounting materials are available from our warehouse; You can buy without assembly. It requires professionally qualified persons with knowledge of elevators to assemble it. You can provide free technical support from us during the installation phase.

Is maintenance required?

For heavy lifts, monthly regular maintenance is recommended. We have paid maintenance for elevators that are not serviced every month. (We do not have an outsourced elevator service under the Amada TECH brand.)

How many stops can a kitchen lift have?

We can manufacture any overhead hoist according to your specific project requirements. (Our company manufactured and assembled the Monsharge elevator to the highest floor in Turkey.)

Can there be two doors in one cubicle?


Where IS the KITCHEN LIFT used?

The kitchen lift can store food, plates, glasses, etc. It is used for transportation. This also works for a restaurant with one or more floors. It helps to serve food and bring dirty plates. Our other model is the ground level service elevator. Designed for transporting service carts in supermarkets, catering establishments, factories. It helps carry heavy loads such as boxes, bags, bundles, barrels, suitcases, barrels at ground level.


Required dimensions of the well for the cabin 400x400x400 Dimensions: Width 750 mm Depth 650 mm
Required dimensions of the well for the cabin 450x450x450 Dimensions: Width 800 mm Depth 700 mm
Required dimensions of the well for the cabin 500x500x500 Dimensions: Width 850 mm Depth 750 mm
Required dimensions of the well for the cabin 600x600x600 Dimensions: Width 950 mm Depth 850 mm
Required dimensions of the well for the cabin 700x700x700 Dimensions: Width 1050 mm Depth 950 mm
Required dimensions of the well for the cabin 800x800x800 Dimensions: Width 1150 mm Depth 1050 mm
Required dimensions of the well for the cabin 900x900x900 Dimensions: Width 1250 mm Depth 1150 mm

The service elevator, goods elevator, food elevator for products must comply with the hygiene conditions and regulations of the Ministry of Health. The Amada TECH engineering team and our technical support department are constantly working in this direction. Thanks to its research and development as well as the development of new technologies, it is a company followed in the elevator sector all over the world. Amada TECH is Turkey’s leading elevator company with advanced technology and the highest quality in the production of elevators and escalators. It is a modern and professional elevator manufacturer integrating design, research and development, design, production, sales, installation and maintenance as a whole.

Suitable for quiet and hygienic conditions in places such as cafes, hotels, villas, restaurants, medical institutions, banks, jewelry stores, factories, our service elevators serve from 2 to 15 floors in your company or institution and also for places that can only be reached by stairs. With our service lifts, you will find the answers to your catering needs in cafes, restaurants, hotels and villas. Kitchen lifts, which are very efficient, allow food, boxes, files, and medical supplies to be transported quickly and effortlessly to hospitals.


Capacity: 50 – 100 – 150 – 250 kg.
Hanger Ratio: 1/1
Suspension type: flat drum or counterweight.
Door size: 600×600 mm.
Cabinet size: Width: 600 mm – Depth: 600 mm – Height: 600 mm
Cabin entrance: one-way, opposite double entrance, cross entrance.

The digital screen on which the search and send system (a group of buttons) is located will be made using the Braille alphabet.
Cabinets and doors must be made of 304 certified stainless steel in accordance with hygienic conditions.
Motor 0.15-040 m/s, with electromagnetic brake, 3-phase, 3-phase
The doors will be guillotine/304 stainless steel/lock key.

The doors will have a locking system. (Optional) (Required in public buildings)
Cabin door: shutter system (option) (required in public buildings)
Public address system (option) (mandatory in public buildings)
VVVF speed controller (option) (mandatory in public buildings)

Cabinet in satin 304 stainless steel/partition (removable if required).
Electronic Card Control Panel Single Speed / Suitable for Call Sending System / Arkel ARL 100 Preferred or Equivalent
Installation Installation and delivery are included in the price. (May differ for out-of-town vacancies)
If steel structure is not available, it will be included in the price at the time of discovery. The steel structure will be suitable for hygienic conditions. (Certified galvanized sheet)
Delivery time…… (The firm will specify the work schedule in the proposal.)
Drilling a core well – closing the sides – construction works belong to the Customer.
The responsibility for supplying electricity to the well for the operation of the elevator lies with the customer.

Lift warranty 3 years. All types of materials that may result from problems, errors and defects resulting from the use of all types of materials and workmanship, except for accidental use, will be replaced free of charge during the warranty period.
Elevators under warranty will be manufactured by the company that installs them for a fee. Elevators that are out of service are not covered by the warranty.

DIMENSIONS (shown as an example)
Cabinet dimensions: Width 600 mm Depth 600 mm Height 600 mm
(Required hatch size: Width: 950 mm – Depth: 850 mm) (The size of the hatch may vary depending on the manufacturer.)

The dimensions above are for an example of 600x600x600 for a kitchen lift. Well sizes vary.

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