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Dumbwaiter, kitchen elevator, food elevator products meet hygienic requirements. The Amada TECH engineering team and our technical support department are constantly working in this direction. Amada TECH is a leading elevator company with advanced technology and excellent quality in the production of escalators, a company followed in the elevator industry all over the world for its research, development and advanced technology. A modern and professional process integrating design, research and development, design, production, sales and customization as a whole.

We make fast deliveries on the same day from our warehouse with the Amada TECH brand. In special sizes, the delivery time does not exceed 1 week and we have over 100 package lifts in stock.

We have a wide service network across the country. As we provide technical service abroad in 5 languages (Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, French), we also send our permanent assembly team abroad.

We participate in the world’s largest elevator industry fairs. We export our products to more than 50 countries. The quality of our products at home and abroad is at the forefront.

kitchen elevator, dumbwaiter, food elevator

Our elevator engineer team in your project will help you determine the most suitable location by conducting an on-site inspection. The drawing and design of the service elevator is prepared by us as an architectural support.

kitchen elevator

Our service elevator products are made of 304 quality stainless steel, comply with hygienic conditions and comply with the conditions of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism and all configurations.

kitchen elevator, dumbwaiter, food elevator

The steel structure required for the installation of a service lift is included in our offer. Prices for service lifts are sent by our marketing department via email.

kitchen elevator

Amada TECH, the world’s largest manufacturer of service elevator products in its sector, always keeps standard sizes in stock and delivers it to the cargo on the same day.

Double-Deck Elevator – It provides and accelerates the communication between the kitchen and the service area in at least two-storey buildings in the food and beverage industry. You can easily pick up and drop off orders and meals at the same time.

In addition to satin and mirrored stainless steel, decorative stainless kitchen lift is also our concept product. Various color options are available. Wide selection of stainless steel to match your architectural decor and style.

We design, manufacture and install lift solutions suitable for the toughest industrial environments, from a new generation lift or kitchen lift for your super yacht to a panoramic glass lift for ships and yachts, from crew or passenger lifts.









kitchen elevator

Our specially configured AmadaTECH service elevators can travel up to 50 meters or 15 stops. Drum and counterweight system. There are single entry, double entry and cross entry options. It has a load capacity of 150 kg and 250 kg.

kitchen elevator, dumbwaiter, food elevator

AmadaTECH is the company with the most inventory and production of service lifts in the world. Thus, the products are always ready for shipment in our warehouses. Delivery time for non-standard sizes is 1 week. Our assembly time is maximum 2 days.

kitchen elevator, dumbwaiter, food elevator

We know the best advice is a happy and satisfied customer. After-sales service is one of the most important components of our business. Our expert team examines the demands of our customers and the necessary project and design are presented.


Dumbwaiter Elevator Applications Cafe, hotel, villa, restaurant, health institution, bank, jewelery store, factory etc. Our service elevators, suitable for quiet and hygienic environments in places, serve between 2 and 15 floors in your company or business. With our kitchen elevators, you will find answers to your catering needs in cafes, restaurants, hotels and villas. High-efficiency kitchen elevators allow you to quickly and effortlessly transport food, boxes, folders and medical supplies to floors in hospitals.

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