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Our New Factory is in Service

Our new plant has been put into operation. We continue to provide you with the best technology in the field of elevator and escalator systems.

Our New Factory is in Service

Production of elevators of all types and capacities in our new factory.

We create functional, vibrant and stylish living spaces that live in our original design. We turn our bold and different ideas into inspiring buildings, interiors, design products and objects.

As an AmadaTECH elevator, we combine the difference in our services, from conceptual design to application projects, from the construction process to project management, with our positive outlook and energy, with a modern vision.

Our new factory, our new address We continue to provide you with the best technology in elevator and escalator systems.

Our new plant has been put into operation.

Amada TECH is Turkey’s leading elevator company with advanced technology and the highest quality in the production of elevators and escalators. It is a modern and professional elevator manufacturer integrating design, research and development, design, production, sales, installation and technical support as a whole. Our company, which exports to 50 countries around the world, produces kitchen elevators, service elevators, cottage elevators, disabled people’s elevators, bottomless elevator systems, outdoor elevators, and also produces elevator cabins, suspensions, crowbars, mechanical systems, and offers package solutions. elevators. The company continues to meet the needs of our customers with its high performance equipment, experienced engineers and marketing staff.

Production of kitchen lifts

With our food elevator services, you can get transportable elevators that are commonly needed in places such as restaurants, cafes and hotels at affordable prices as part of free opening, maintenance and service. Thanks to these durable and professional products, which we have acquired through many years of experience in the sector, we offer you our elevators of various models in areas where the transport of light loads is required. You can get detailed information both from our free mobile application and from our website. In addition to the elevators that we offer you at the most affordable prices, we also provide the necessary steel structures for installation, so you do not need to have a well for the elevator. We also provide essential maintenance and maintenance services for the elevator at certain monthly and yearly intervals.

The choice of food elevator used for serving food and beverages usually depends on the density of service at the installation site. In places with low population density, there are enough lifts at waist level of various sizes. In very busy places, double food elevators are installed: one for serving, the other for serving dishes. Another alternative is a two-story, two service elevators in one shaft. Our new factory is now operational and it should be noted that the kitchen lifts in our facility are made from 304 quality stainless steel for easy cleaning and hygiene.

Thanks to our free kitchen lift sizing estimate, the production is made according to the dimensions of the area you want to use. This allows you to use the elevator more efficiently. Elevators are used for purposes such as serving food and providing services in restaurants, cafes, hotels and many other similar businesses. For this reason, it is very easy to clean. Like our original elevator designs and our strong reputations in the industry, you can choose from models that suit your taste and the way you run your business. This way you will achieve visual harmony. It aims to ensure that elevators can be used for a longer service life as a result of monthly and yearly maintenance. For this reason, we carry out this service for you and prevent any problems from occurring. If you repeatedly move products or materials across two or more floors, you will need a freight elevator. If you are a business owner, a kitchen lift will increase your productivity and safety. You are legally responsible for the well-being of your employees during working hours and for the health and safety of everyone in the workplace. You can learn more about how to evaluate your workplace and find out how useful an elevator can be for you in our blog titled How to Avoid the Costs and Risks of Manual Moving.

Our new factory is now up and running and our Kitchen lifts are custom built to suit your needs. We adapt it to each of your projects and provide an integration solution for the building parameters and dimensions you need. By examining our E-catalogue, we help you identify features tailored to your needs and select the best product and configuration. With a manufacturer’s warranty, reasonable prices and strong references, we become a solution partner for many architectural firms and cafe-restaurant companies in Food Elevator. Service elevator AmadaTECH with a loading capacity of 50, 100 kg, 150, 200 kg. It can carry 250kg, 300kg. AmadaTECH Our company provides free surveys, architectural support, project support and technical support when you need a kitchen lift. We will help you determine how to meet your ideal needs in your facility.

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